What is a Certified Support Planner?

This is an optional service under the CDCS (Consumer Directed Community Supports) option for Minnesota Waivered Services. The CDCS program is a more flexible plan that allows clients and their families a way to use their approved budget, provided by their social worker, to care for their loved one with a disability. This is provided to those individuals on the following waiver programs: CAC, CADI, BI, DD, AC and EW.  Due to the vast flexibility of CDCS, there are numerous policies, guidelines and principles that must be followed. Using person-centered practices, a Certified Support Planner is someone who assists the person with a disability or medical condition and their caregivers by providing:

  • Information about the CDCS Program
  • Information about service policies, guidelines and parameters
  • Assistance with developing the CDCS Consumer Support Plan
  • Assistance with revisions to the CDCS plan throughout the year
  • Troubleshooting between financial management company, lead agency and consumer
  • Information regarding consumer responsibilities
  • Information about community and disability/medical resources
  • Assistance managing the budget in the Consumer Support Plan

How Do I Find a Certified Support Planner?

  • On the DHS info website
  • From your lead agency/county/tribe
  • From your financial management service provider
  • From other CDCS users

Why Would Someone Choose to Use a Certified Support Planner?

Having a support planner on your team is very helpful. It is another person on your side, to help advocate for the services you and your family need.  Support planners very often come to the field from a personal or professional experience that drew them to wanting to help people with disabilities or medical conditions with their CDCS plans.

Support planners learn so much over the years about how to problem solve issues that arise and often are very creative in their approach. Support planners interact with the lead agency, the family management service provider, vendors and providers. This experience provides them with all of the viewpoints within the CDCS world. When a support planner works on a plan along with the family, it provides them with another set of eyes. Support planners are also excellent advocates for consumers within the CDCS program. They are able to help communicate the wants and needs of the consumer through the plan and to the other players. This provides important relief from the caregivers of having to make all of the communications and decisions alone. Although support planners follow the direction of their consumers, they can provide invaluable insight and resources for those with special needs.


4 Easy steps to get started

Step 1

We receive your referral, gather necessary documents from your case manager and set up a call with you to go over what you want in the plan.

Step 2

After connecting, we take the information we've gathered and write the CDCS plan.

Step 3

Once the CDCS plan is completed, we send it over to you for review.

Step 4

After you approve the draft, we send it to the case manager for approval or for any changes that need to be made.

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