My name is Abby Dreger and I am one of the co-owners of Chasing Dreams Support Planning. I am a licensed social worker and have been working as one since 2010.

I started my career in Wisconsin, since this is where I grew up and graduated college, then moved to Minnesota in 2011. Since moving to Minnesota, I have worked in the social services field, specifically in the waiver world. I have become very familiar with the programs Minnesota offers and have worked to help people navigate these confusing systems. I live with my husband, two kids and cat. We really enjoy anything and everything sports, so in our free time, you will mainly find us in the gym or on the field!  I personally love the game of volleyball and still play competitively with a team I have been with since 2019. My family  also really loves watching movies, so we try to have at least one movie night every week!  Movie nights give us all the time we need to slow down in this  fast paced world. Balancing life as a working mom of two busy kids has its challenges, but we all have fun in the chaos… most of the time!

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